Photo 18 Apr Yummy delicious lunch from Vadodara, Gujarat. #vscocam #lunch #gujarat #vadodara

Yummy delicious lunch from Vadodara, Gujarat. #vscocam #lunch #gujarat #vadodara

Video 8 Apr

Highland Mountain Bike Park - Ayr Academy Coaches from Lucent Productions on Vimeo.

Highland Mountain Bike Park’s Ayr Academy has some great coaches this year! For more information, or to sign up for a camp, visit

Video 7 Apr

MTB Himalaya Spiti Edition 2013 -The Himalayan Odyssey from MTB Himalaya on Vimeo.

A hot sunny summer day can often misguide the traveler about the varied weather in India. Ride up into the Shivaliks- the lower range of the mighty Himalayas and you will soon realize that you would need warm clothing even during the middle of June. The hustle and bustle of Shimla-the summer capital of the erstwhile British Empire will have a resonance of the past. The colonial architecture, the broad gauge trains, the roads and the people will soon be left behind as we ride higher and higher to the middle ranges.
Only a few kilometers from Shimla and we go back in time further to the virgin forests, mist laden peaks, steep cliffs, rural folk, apple orchards and mighty rivers in all its fury. The roads keep winding up and down, twisting along the hills which have been pushing along the Asiatic plate for millennia. The air gets thinner, our lungs breathe harder and the cold begins to hit our face with pricking precision.
The Devbhoomi (abode of gods) slowly gives way to the land of lamas as we ride up to the higher Himalayas and to Spiti-the fossil park of the world where every rock is a fossil. This high altitude cold desert is no easy place to live with only 2 persons per square kilometers spread across the region. Buddhist prayer flags give us hope and strength as we pedal along. The virgin peaks, the transparent rivers, pristine lakes and the clean air forces an adventurer to think about the things one can do here. River rafting, rock climbing, trekking, Para-gliding and mountain biking. A chance to see some of the rarest of species like the Ibex, Snow Leopard, snow cock, snow fox only adds up to the excitement.
But we are here to pedal and pedal we would…

Untouched . Unexplored . Virgin


Video 7 Apr

Rocky Hell Road: Mountain BIking in the Basque Country from BasqueMTB on Vimeo.

Today my good friend Carlos and I took our Cove G-Spots up, and down, a local mountain. The descent is only around 1000m, however it is unrelentingly rocky and technical. Both climb and descent are a big physical challenge. Contrary t the soundtrack there are no “big jumps”, only normal mountain biking! The G-Spot is perfect for this, I’ve got mine kitted out with Marzocchi 55’s on the front and it really carries great speed over this technical terrain.

You can read more about this route over on the BasqueMTB website:

Songs are:
“Big Jumps” by Emiliana Torrini and “You’re Too Late Satan” by Worm is Green.

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A Mountain Biking Film: Wharncliffe Woods from Maia Media on Vimeo.

A mountain biking video filmed at Wharncliffe Woods in October 2010.

Filmed on my GH1. Also took along my glidetrack. Small colour alterations made using Magic Bullet Looks.

Music called Neopoliton Dreams by Lisa Mitchell

Video 7 Apr

Mountain biking in Nepal - Mustang region from H&I Adventures on Vimeo.

Mountain biking through the world’s deepest valley in the shadow of the world’s highest mountains in the Nepalese Himalayas

Many mountain bike routes lay claim to the title of the World’s Greatest, but only the Kali Gandaki Valley trails in the Mustang region of the Himalayas of Nepal can claim to be surrounded by five-mile-high peaks, where every night you stay in teahouses run by local villagers and stocked with good food and cold beer.

The Kali Gandaki Valley – the deepest valley in the world – marries natural grandeur, local culture and relative luxury in a union found nowhere else. Mountain biking in Nepal, on the roof of the world, you’ll experience some tough climbs, technical descents, fast, flowy singletrack, and the most spectacular views you can imagine.

Video 7 Apr

How to Make a Mountain Bike Film from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

These are some of the things I learned during the last couple of years, making films out there on the trails. If you are serious about action sports filmmaking, check out our workshop:

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Riders: Ben Schulz, Christof Noller, Dino Pfeilschmidt, Johannes Riebl, Othmar Kuenzli, Tom Malecha
Music: Demented Sound Mafia “Soul Surfer”

Photo 6 Apr Toys! (at Kaushik’s Home)

Toys! (at Kaushik’s Home)

Photo 3 Apr The Peak #vscocam #architecture #geometry  (at

The Peak #vscocam #architecture #geometry (at

Video 21 Mar

Theron Humphrey x VSCO from VSCO on Vimeo.

Theron Humphrey is a photographer, storyteller, and documentarian whose big heart and passionate outlook shines through on every project he works on. With his dog Maddie for a companion, Theron recently completed a book tour, taking an expedition across the entire continental United States.

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